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Welcome To One Payday Lender!

Getting a Payday Loan Just Got Easier!

We offer payday loans, credit cards, auto loans, auto insurance, and credit repair services at the click of a mouse. Poor credit or no credit is okay. We can connect you with what you need all in one place -- Only at

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Welcome To One Payday Lender

Are You Looking for a Faxless, Paperless and Easy Way to Borrow Money?
You Have Come to the Right Place!

Whether you are looking for a payday loan, a great deal on an auto loan, discounted auto insurance, help improving your credit score, or getting a credit card instantly, then we can help you get what you need all in one location. You will find the resources you need only at One Payday Lender, where you will find everything you need all in ONE. You can apply for many loans at one time and choose the loan or loans that are right for you. We offer faxless, paperless solutions, and most of our lenders can deposit the money directly into your bank account within 24 hours after your application is accepted. Yes, it is that easy and it just takes a minute of your time!